Dr. Molcho & Co Advocates

Dr. Molcho & Co - Advocates and Notary  was established in 2004 by Advocate & Economist Molcho Natan.

Dr. Molcho & Co - Advocates and Notary is specialized in a broad variety of areas of civil  & commercial practice.

Dr. Molcho & Co - Advocates and Notary specializes in civil litigation & adr, banking, corporate law, intellectual law, mergers & acquisitions, bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings, real estate, planning & constraction law & planning regulation.


About the head of the office: 


Dr. Adv. Natan Molcho served in the Israeli Special Forces (Golani Special Commando Forces) in the Israeli Defense Army and retired as Chief Operation brigade officer in commando special forces Brigade (as Major).


Dr. Adv. Natan Molcho was served in the management of the Israel Land Administration (1988) and as V/CEO and Head of the Development Authority Division in Amidar - Government company, the larges houses company in Israel who manage over 120,000 Houses in Israel, and as the CEO of Development Authority in T"A and Jaffa (1997), and in the same time as the CEO of Jaffa port (1998).


Dr. Adv. Natan Molcho , retired, After 13 years, from the Government service and has established, in 2004, Molcho & Co - Advocates and Notary office.


Dr. Adv. Natan Molcho  received his B.A. in Economics from Hebrew Jerusalem University in 1988, received his LL.B and LL.M (commercial law) in Law from Tel Aviv University and his Ph.d. (Doctor of Philosophy - Law) from the International University Of Business & Law (USA)


Dr. Adv. Natan Molcho  got the Israeli President Honor in 1994 for his donation to historical house preserving.

Dr. Adv. Natan Molcho  is the editor of several engineering and law books published by Amidar and by the Israel's Bar publishing etc.

Dr. Adv. Natan Molcho  is serving as vice litigation and ADR committee in the Israeli Bar Association and as member of the planning and building committee in the Israel Bar Association.

Dr. Adv. Natan Molcho  is fluent in Hebrew and English.



פינוי בינוי ותמ"א 38

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משרדינו מייצג הן יזמים, הן קבלנים הן בעלי מקרקעין והן ועדי בתים.

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